When in Surrey: Visit Primal Roost


Being able to see our products travel from farm to plate is a seriously inspiring process for us.

Knowing that our delicious products are being elevated to even greater stardom is a big thumbs up. It makes us feel good, much like our products do. We get that swell of pride.

That’s why we’re particularly proud to supply our coconut milk powder to Primal Roost – a café and pantry in Surrey. These guys are seriously amazing when it comes to tasty good-for-you fare.

All things delicious, all things nutritious

Primal Roost has an incredibly impressive thing going on. They don’t just have a menu which makes you stop in your high-street tracks and burst through the door. They do it without compromising their standards of ethics, provenance and understanding of the health-boosting (and health-damaging) nature of food.

This means that you, the salivating punter, get to indulge in glorious creations which are simply incredible where taste is concerned, knowing that whether you’re vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free, you’re catered for. In fact, their entire menu is gluten-free. How’s that for being on the track to healthy success?

What’s great is that they recognise that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to healthy yet tasty eating. They serve up options enabling you to really benefit from choice whether you’re after vegan, paleo, no-sugar, gluten free or dairy free.

If you want our top tips on what to try then visit for a bowl of steaming porridge served alongside a berry bursting smoothie at breakfast. Or pop in for a cheeky brunch of Blueberry Maple Waffles.


Good for your body, good for your brain

Frankly, Primal Roost could leave their work there: two cafes, in Bagshot and Godalming splitting at the seams of delicious nutritious wonder. However, there’s yet more to these wonderful people.

They don’t just use good stuff to make delicious fare. They stock good stuff so that you can get your hands on these products too. You’ll find plenty of The Coconut Company’s good stuff here.

At their Bagshot Branch they also run social events & workshops with leading nutritionists and local food businesses, and soon to be launched a Godalming. They realise that good food is about good community whereby the two get connected and the outcome is greater than the sum of the parts. This is passion in action and we love it.

Roosters and Coconutters Unite

We love knowing that our products are reaching the palates of the people of Surrey, having started life on a coconut farm in Vietnam. We just wish we were closer so that this could be our lunchtime hideaway!