Organic Coconut Vinegar - Chilli and Ginger

Organic Coconut Vinegar - Chilli and Ginger


Wowee we love a splash of heat! That’s just what you get with the Chilli and Ginger Organic Coconut Vinegar. Birds eye chilli giving you a swift kick, before the Asian ginger wraps you in a hug.

Don’t let this naughty one deceive you though. All this heat and fire is delivered to you in an organic coconut vinegar which has been naturally fermented for at least 10 months - keeping in all the good stuff.

Made from the raw sap of the coconut blossom and with spicy chilli and tangy Asian ginger.  This coconut vinegar is naturally fermented for a minimum of 10 months without adulteration. 100% natural, 0% preservatives.

A vinegar is a vinegar. Right? Wrong!  Our vinegar is raw, unfiltered and is naturally fermented.  It is hand crafted in small batches in The Philippines and lovingly packed in the UK. 

Product size:   250ml glass bottle

Our Organic Coconut Vinegar is available in five variants:

Organic Coconut Vinegar Classic, Organic Coconut Vinegar with Mother-of-Vinegar, Organic Coconut Vinegar Balsamic Style, Organic Coconut Vinegar with Garlic, Organic Coconut Vinegar with Chilli & Ginger.

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