A Sweet Little Something


Did you know that something sweet needn’t be naughty? Coconut sugar is the sweet little something which is good on the inside and out.

The sugar problem

Traditional sugars face a bad rap, and rightfully so. Detrimental trade approaches and harsh processing are just two of the wider problems before we even get to why too much sugar is bad for your health.

Eating too much sugar is implicated in all sorts of nasty problems from weight gain, diabetes and heart disease through to cancer, depression and accelerated ageing. Woah, not a good guy!

But life would be mighty dull if we weren’t allowed any sweet stuff, right?!

The Alternative: Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar ticks some super important boxes. It’s unrefined, has a low GI and contains trace minerals and vitamins. When sourced through The Coconut Company, you can be certain of the supply chain and know that it is fair trade, organic and meeting our stringent objectives regarding social responsibility.

Let’s take a look at those coconut sugar crystals in a little more detail:

  • Low GI: Coconut sugar typically has a glycaemic index (GI) rating of 35 compared to a whopping 60-65 for white sugar. This is important. It means your blood glucose won’t go crazy and play havoc with your insulin. It’s a kinder sweet stuff, just like our coconut nectar.

  • Contains Trace Minerals & Vitamins: Coconut sugar is an unrefined sugar made by using the coconut sap from the tree’s flower. Coconut blossom sap is a bit of a nutrient wonder. It’s jam-packed with vitamins and minerals such as zinc and iron as well as amino acids. That’s right - it’s possible to have a sugar which actually contains things which are good for you.

  • Unrefined: We source our coconut sugar from Indonesia through a transparent supply chain. Individual farmers, who don’t use pesticides, harvest the coconut sap twice daily. It is then heated up for just 30-60 minutes before being transferred to a pan on a fire, allowing the coconut sugar crystals to fully develop. It’s simple.

  • Fair trade: The Coconut Company work with one supplier in Indonesia who manages just under 300 small-holding farmers. Each farmer is considered part of the wider family. They are supported to create organic coconut sugar and are paid a fair price. Farmers are trained in organic coconut farming and hygiene. They are supplied with pans, containers, safety chimneys and other equipment to make their jobs safer and easier.

  • Social responsibility: Again, our transparent supply chain means we see exactly how our farmers are treated, as well as supporting the needs of local communities in Central Java. Individual farmers are given social and health support as well as life insurance. For the wider community, our supplier also supports infrastructure investments for roads, housing and community projects. So, we see them as doing great things and are proud to partner with a company that is making a difference to small rural communities in the region.  

How to use Coconut Sugar

We know you want to get stuck in. Zip over to our shop and get yourself some organic coconut sugar. It comes in a handy re-sealable pack so you can try your hand at:

  • Adding it to your hot drink for an alternative to standard sugar.

  • Replace in your baking where you would use other sugar (use a ratio of 1:1, nice and simple!).

  • Sprinkle on your morning porridge for a low GI sweet fix.

  • Go back to making glazed meat and fish dishes which ask for sugar, but you abandoned due to fear of sugar spikes (it provides a lovely caramel aftertaste).

  • Swap for honey or refined sugar in your favourite granola recipe.

Coconut sugar really is a sweet little something - make room for it in your kitchen with good conscience.