Organic Coconut Aminos - Teriyaki

Organic Coconut Aminos - Teriyaki


Our Teriyaki Organic Coconut Amino Sauce delivers a lip-smacking Asian love affair of flavour with a richness to be envied.

Made using the raw sap of the coconut blossom, it is blended with naturally sweet organic coconut nectar, tangy coconut vinegar and a smattering of garlic, ginger and sea salt. If that’s not enough, we then age it further till you get the sticky sweet goo, of the perfect Teriyaki Coconut Amino Sauce.

This is 100% raw and natural. It’s soy-free and gluten free. Our coconut amino sauces are what we’re really made of.

It’s a rich and salty sauce with a slightly sweet flavour and the delicate way of processing means the coconut sap remains raw. 100% natural, soy-free and gluten-free. Leaving you with only the good stuff.

Product Size:  150ml

Our Organic Coconut Amino Sauces are available in three variants:

Organic Coconut Amino Sauce All-Purpose; Organic Coconut Amino Sauce Teriyaki; Organic Coconut Amino Sauce BBQ

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