Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - 500ml

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - 500ml


Our 100% Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made from carefully selected fresh hand-picked coconuts grown in the Philippines using a traditional village-based ‘cold’ production process used by Filipinos for centuries - which ensures the product remains 100% raw.

Virgin Coconut Oil is a great substitute for vegetable oil in almost all types of cooking. Delicious when used in stir-fries and a great dairy-free alternative to butter and margarine. It’s also very moisturising for skin and hair. A little goes a long way!

Pure, natural and raw with a mild coconut taste.

How to use virgin coconut oil?

Use it in baking instead of butter for a vegan alternative. Fry with it instead of olive oil. Use it on hair and skin for a natural glow.

100% raw, unrefined, cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil.

Pure & cold pressed. Only the good stuff.

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