Coconut Amino Sauce – Why Are We Shouting?


We have a bit of a love affair going on. Ok, it’s not illicit or anything naughty.

In fact, it’s all about goodness: the rich health boosting goodness of coconut amino sauce made from the sap of the coconut blossom. We’re in love with it to such a degree that we created our own range of organic amino sauces, big boss of which is the Organic Amino Sauce All-Purpose Seasoning.

Amigos with aminos – why coconut aminos?

We all know that the humble ingredient soy sauce has the ability to transform a dish from the mundane to the exquisite. However, what if you need an alternative to soy sauce? What if there’s something that tastes even better too?

That’s where coconut amino sauces come in. Being made from the sap of the coconut blossom, they are both soy and gluten free. Nonetheless, you don’t tangle with your principles. It’s still 100% natural and organic with 0% preservatives.

All of a sudden you’ve stumbled upon the daily seasoning bottle of deliciousness and goodness you were looking for. Feeling the love now?

Tell me more about the benefits of coconut amino sauce?

There are a whole bunch of health benefits associated with the juicy nutrients found in coconut sap and therefore our Organic Amino Sauce All-Purpose Seasoning. However, before we shout a bit about them, let’s just take a moment to savour the flavour. Seriously, the number 1 benefit we reckon coconut amino sauce has is just how delicious it is in addition to its health benefits.

Ok those health benefits? Let’s reel them off:

  • Amino acids: Funnily enough it’s full of these acids (yes there are quite a few of them). These are so important in terms of body repair processes as they are the building blocks of protein. This can help with recovery from injury, illness, or simply because you were showing off at the gym.

  • Low GI: The low GI of our sauce means it won’t wreak havoc with your sugar levels.

  • Vitamin C:  A great antioxidant useful for a myriad of things including fighting infection, reducing blood pressure, aiding iron absorption, and it is important for brain health.

  • B Vitamins: B vitamins play all sorts of different roles around your body from metabolic regulation through to healthy cells.

  • Lower sodium: Coconut amino sauce contains considerably less sodium than soy sauce meaning you get all the flavour without big bad Mr Salt.

  • Soy and gluten free: These matter. Individuals avoiding soy and gluten for allergy, intolerance or health reasons can be stumped when seeking out a soy sauce alternative.

What’s cooking?

We promise you that you’ll soon be reaching for a bottle of Organic Amino Sauce pretty much every time you cook once you’ve had your first umami-tastic taste. It can be used in exactly the same way as you would use soy sauce, making it great for marinades, stir-fries, salad dressings, soup bases, dipping or simply to add a dash of seasoning. When hunting for specific recipes, you may do well to search for Paleo, but really, you can feel confident swapping in the Organic Amino Sauce All-Purpose Seasoning wherever you would usually use soy in the same quantities.

Feel the love. Bask in the goodness of a love affair with organic amino sauce.