Do Fermentation the Coconut Way with the Mother of Vinegar


Fermentation has been coined a ‘mega trend’ but it’s not a newbie. Popular in the east, fermentation is seeing a huge following now in the west.

We’re seeing it really taking off and packing parcels galore with our Organic Coconut Vinegar with Mother-of-Vinegar.

What is fermentation?

Fermentation itself is a simple process. It’s simply the breaking down of any food substance by adding natural bacteria. These little friendlies feed on the natural sugars and produce lactic acid.

Consequently it’s a great process for preserving food without any nasty synthetic additives and preservatives. Taste wise, we’re talking vinegar.

Unsurprisingly, being a natural process, fermentation is a health wonder.

For gut’s sake! The health benefits of fermentation

Fermentation has been praised for all sorts of health benefits from helping with arthritis to preventing disease. However, the big WOW of fermentation, certainly in terms of existing research, is all to do with digestive health.

Your gut is home to a plethora of bacteria – some good, some bad. They help you digest, absorb and use nutrients from your diet. But of most importance is the balance. With a modern diet it’s incredibly easy to throw that balance out of whack.

Fermented foods, like our Organic Coconut Mother-of-Vinegar, are jam-packed with the goodies in terms of probiotics which have been shown to benefit our gut health. Fermented foods themselves are easy to digest.

Whatcha gonna do with it?

Before you rush out and buy any product labelled ‘fermented’ you need to stop. Not all fermented products are created equally (or taste as good). Those health benefits mentioned above, they are from naturally fermented products. The clue is in the labelling – look for ‘naturally fermented’.

Our Organic Coconut Mother-of-Vinegar is naturally fermented. In fact, it goes beyond fermentation wonder alone and adds in the nutritious benefits of coconut sap.

Coconut sap is remarkable. Not just for how it’s harvested and its sustainability. But even without the fermentation process, this stuff rocks. Like apple cider vinegar it’s full of acetic acid which has been shown to help balance blood sugar levels. That same acetic acid helps to reduce hunger. It could even help switch off those pesky genes which cause us to store fat. Coconut sap is also rich in potassium which is linked to reduced risk of heart disease and lower blood pressure.

So the real question is: what are you going to do with a bottle of The Coconut Company’s Organic Coconut Vinegar made with Mother-of-Vinegar (the particularly good stuff)?

Here are our top suggestions:

  • Make a salad: Grab your favourite salad veggies then whip up a dressing using organic coconut vinegar along with a splash of olive oil and a sprinkle of herbs.

  • Marinate that Barbie: As the spring sunshine is finally here, brush off the barbecue, marinade your favourite meet in organic coconut vinegar, oil and some Cajun spices, and enjoy.

  • Dip away: Our Mother-of-Vinegar product is immensely tasty. It’s got the tang of white wine vinegar with the smooth hug you’d expect from apple cider. Therefore, we reckon once you taste it you’ll just want to tear off a hunk of bread and dip away.

  • Make coconut vinegar kimchi: Swap out the rice vinegar for coconut vinegar in this kimchi recipe.

  • Morning detox: Just like you would with apple cider vinegar, make a morning drink of water and a tablespoon of coconut vinegar to reap the health benefits.

  • Go Asian: Many Asian recipes call for vinegar. Feel confident to swap in ours and benefit from its tangy refreshing taste.

Want some more?

We know that once you’ve understood the benefits of fermentation, and specifically naturally fermented vinegar, you’ll be desperate to get your hands on some. Head over to our shop and get some Organic Coconut Vinegar with Mother-of-Vinegar for yourself.