Morning café cuppas aren’t complete without MCT oil powder

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If you’re a café owner with a focus on healthy options, good provenance and delicious flavours then you’re our kind of place. You’re the people that make mornings bearable, whisking up the shakes and brews for your customers. Or perhaps you sell health food options and supplements. MCT oil powder, available to buy in bulk, is what you need to elevate your customer’s drinks and smoothies to the next level. 

MCT oil powder – it’s all about the good stuff

MCT oil powder, with a jargon-tastic name, suffers from an image problem. However, beneath its seemingly complex exterior is a humble do-good product which you’ll love. 

MCT is short for medium-chain triglycerides. It can be thought of as a clean-energy supplement, perfect for powering us through the day. It’s made by drawing out MCT from coconut in to an oil form known, simply enough, as MCT oil. 

The problem with the oil is that it’s tricky to use in the way we’d like, hence taking the process a step further. This is the stage when many will add in maltodextrin. We add acacia fibre, which acts as a great prebiotic (a non-digestible ingredient in dietary fibre that can stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the intestines). This is more ‘good stuff’ ensuring we don’t detract from the goodness of the MCT oil itself. 

In short, MCT oil powder is a neutral-tasting and nutritious, energy-packed powder which will elevate your smoothies and creamy drinks to the next level without dairy or any fillers. It’s also fabulous for baking vegan and dairy free options.  Our MCT Powder contains a whopping 70% MCT Oil. You’ll find others in the market are typically only 50% MCT Oil! 

Is it good for you?

You know we’re fans of the coconut not just for its versatility and taste but also because it’s mighty good for you. The same is true of MCT oil powder. 

It’s number one good thing is that it’s a source of healthy energy. It helps grab your stored fat and turn it in to ketones to power you through the day – a much healthier source of energy than carbs. This is sustainable energy, vegan style. It can help boost weight loss and is an ideal product for those following a keto diet.

Then there’s MCT oil powder’s kindness to your gut. This is a gentle powder, but we recommend not taking more than 30g a day. We’re also proud that our version is GMO free, 100% vegan and gluten-free. It doesn’t get much better.

How to use MCT oil powder 

We have MCT oil powder available to buy in bulk making it ideal for café and restaurant owners as well as those wishing to stock it on their shelves.

The powder has a creamy consistency and no overwhelming flavour. It is easy to dissolve in cold water. The powder is an excellent addition to smoothies, hot drinks, power-juices and baking. Then there’s also the fact that it is brilliant as a thickening agent helping to create stews, sauces and soups with a deliciously creamy nature.

In our experience, it will become one of your store cupboard staples if you’re keen to boost energy levels. It’ll end up being the ingredient that enables many drinks and dishes to become indulgent in texture, without any nasties or challenging waistlines! 

How to order in bulk

Use our buy in bulk enquiry form to find out more.

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