Sparkling Coconut & Lime Drink – Raw, Naturally Fermented Goodness


Our Coconut Vinegar with the Mother of Vinegar is full of naturally fermented goodness.  One way to ingest this goodness (in its raw state) is to add it to sparkling water, for a homemade shrub.  Filipinos have traditionally served this as a natural energy drink. Its great for gut health. Don’t use too much vinegar, as it can be harsh on an empty stomach.  Best taken with food. 

Serves 2 


400ml sparkling water 

Squeeze of fresh lime 

15ml Raw Coconut Vinegar 

25g Coconut Nectar 

Crushed ice 

  • Pour 400ml of sparkling water into a jug

  • Squeeze in fresh lemon juice and mix with a good dollop of coconut nectar.  Blend well. 

  • Pour in a tablespoon of raw Coconut Vinegar.  Stir again. 

  • Serve in tall glasses and add ice as desired. 

  • Drink immediately for good gut health! 

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